Anticipated Fall 2019 Sunday Dinner Wine Club Offerings

Wine Notes by Steve Sullivan of Vinejoy

Tatomer Riesling (The John Lennon of Riesling) - Graham is stubborn as shit and doesn't really ever do special bottling so this is kind of insane. I sat with him at Drake Whitcraft’s wedding so it took me a lot of wine and lots of begging to get this done.

23 cases of German Clone Riesling planted at Kick-on Ranch. He'd never made a wine from these clones before. We will be the only people on earth to get it.

Roark Grenache Blanc "Orange" - Ryan was given the opportunity to farm a vineyard in Santa Ynez Valley that literally hasn't been watered for 17 years. The site is epic, but the owners have never been happy with how it's been farmed. They hired Ryan to farm it organically and part of his payment was this block of epic Grenache Blanc. Ryan took 7 different micro lots and allowed varying levels of skin contact anywhere from 2 days to 6 weeks. The result is one of the most complex and textured white/orange wines I've ever tasted.

Fabliest White Hawk Sangiovese - Curt and Andrew collab on the Fabliest and make some of the best $20 wines on the market. One of their sources, White Hawk, is one of the most sought after sites in Cali. There is one tiny block of Sangiovesethat is planted there that the've been after forever. This was the first vintage it became available, and I just swooped in and bought it all. Cool climate Cali sangio. Insane sauce.

A Tribute to Grace 100% Whole Cluster Grenache "Otis" - Angela first made Grenache from Santa Barbara Highlands in 2007. Its an unbelievable site about 60 miles off the ocean over the hills bordering Santa Barbara. It really should be it's own AVA. Angela has always wanted to make a 100% Whole Cluster Grenache, but despite making 9 single vineyards going on 12 vintages, she hasn't found that perfect time/fruit/vineyard to do it. Angela somehow both have 15 month old sons named Otis, and we have been wanting to collaborate on a wine since we knew that was happening. The moment she knew she was going to finally make her 100% whole Cluster Grenache, she wrote Otis on the barrel. Naturally, I insisted on buying it for this wine club. Its the greatest domestic Grenache I've ever tasted.

Field Recordings Zabala Syrah - Andrew recently took a trip to France to immerse himself in the World of Syrah. he spent time in Hermitage, Croze Hermitage, Cote Rotie and Cornas. He fell in love with Syrah and came back to California on a mission to find a vineyard that could express the savory, meaty yet powerful characters that he fell in love with in France. Andrew happened to play golf with the owner of Zabala Vineyard and somehow convinced him to sell a few barrels worth of his finest Syrah plantings.The site looks like its should be in France. The rockiest vineyard on the West Coast. In my opinion this is the best Red Wine Field Recordings has ever produced. I was able to taste through 6 barrels and picked the finest lot of the bunch for this club. This wine will make you cry.

Desparada Cabernet Sauvignon "Solera" - Solera is defined as aging fractional portions of wine multiple years, with the average age increasing over time. The wine is moved each year so that the oldest wine is on the bottom of the barrel. Solera actually means on the ground in Spanish. Guess what? Vailia has been doing this with Cabernet since 2013 and I just bought it for this club. She will eventually bottle it once she adds two more years and charge $175/bottle. I bought it 2 years early and no other humans will ever taste it besides this club.