Over the last decade, Sunday Dinner Club has built a community of thousands of diners, made up of everyday people, chefs, farmers, and friends. 

SDC is a dinner party-ish experience that currently operates in the great city of Chicago. Menus change monthly, and each menu centers around a theme and highlights locally sourced ingredients reflective of the current season. Dinners are held 10-15 times a month and seat up 24 guests... and the dinners are not just on Sundays. 

At SDC, relationships are built, chefs explore their food curiosities, real food is made and served with care, and the gap between diner, chef, and farmer is narrowed. 

We believe the truth about cooking is that there is no “right” way.  The best way, the rightest way, is the way that finds a visceral reaction. In a world of Facebooks, smart phones, and online stock trades, cooking remains an in your face, hands on, immediate, and messy proposition. As products of our times, cooking is an escape - an act that can reclaim a history and a place to connect, in the most personal and physical ways possible. With your hands, your nose, your eyes, ears, mouth and body. 

We fall for foods, we dream about flavors, and we carry them with us through our lives. And as in love and attraction -- we don’t always know exactly why we fall for the people, or the bites of food we yearn for. We just do.

We have found this feeling at SDC. We find it in our dining room, in our food, and our menus, all of which we’ve loved along the way.   

As our community of diners has always been built by word of mouth... If you are interested in attending SDC, the best way to do that is A) get someone already on the mailing list to bring you or refer you to us, B) find us at a public event (hint hint: try Honey Butter Fried Chicken), or C) send us an email and we'll see if we can work something out.  :) 


If you are interested in hosting a private dinner or event, please contact us at info@sundaydinnerclub.com for more information. 

The A Team

Josh says...

Can’t live without… Pizza, pasta, pizza, tacos, fried rice, pizza, my wife Rachel and family, fried chicken, cheeseburgers, and pizza.

Favorite cookbook… So tough! Essentials of Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan, Think Like a Chef by Tom Colicchio, and Ad Hoc by Thomas Keller.

Coolest thing you’ve ever been for Halloween… A very handsome bearded Princess wearing jeans and a black t-shirt.

Best thing you read recently… Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates. So full, honest and revealing. Coates shows you his world and connects in a way I’ve never experienced with another writer. 

Most memorable SDC moment… Years ago, we cooked dinner for an amazing guy named “Tubby” Bacon, whose love for food and wine was unparalleled. We thought we were cooking just for him and a few friends. When we went out to the dining room to explain the courses (including handmade pasta and classic French pot-au-feu), sitting at the table were famed Chefs Tony Mantuano and Jean Joho. You know, only the best Italian and French chefs in Chicago. No big deal. 


Web: parcook.com

Christine says...

Can’t live without… Nature, friendship, music, laughter, love, vegetables, fries (preferably with cheese). 

Favorite cookbook… Prune because it’s written for cooks, Hartwood because it’s beautiful, anything by Alice Waters because all the recipes work.

Coolest thing you’ve ever been for Halloween… Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips. Complete with wig, white suit, and confetti. 

Best thing you read recently… Amy Poehler’s Yes Please, Karma 101, Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking.

Most memorable SDC moment… From over 10 years of dinners, it’s hard to choose. But probably the most important was the honey butter landing on the fried chicken. At the time, it seemed so insignificant in the moment. Us cooks sitting outside on my back porch, freaking out about how good it was, and telling our diners to put the butter on the chicken -- but that single moment changed the direction of so many people’s lives. 


Web: achefwhowrites.com

Alex says...

Can’t live without… Coffee, cookbooks, friendship, bad food puns, chapstick, ice cream, egg rolls, Lady Gaga and glitter.

Favorite cookbook… This one’s a tough one for me because I am obsessed with cookbooks. My bookshelves at my apartment are full and there’s books piled everywhere but lately it’s been Lucky Peach by David Chang and Peter Meehan.

Coolest thing you’ve ever been for Halloween... A dia de los muertos skeleton

Best thing you read recently… I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan and I reread them all every couple of years. Long live Dobby!

Most memorable SDC moment… Our team trip to Los Angelos. I’d never traveled with a group who not only appreciates food like I do but will continue to eat past the point of full. All in the name of research! There were also so many moments where I laughed so hard there were tears streaming down my face. It was really such a great experience all around.



Our Story


Photo Gallery

Much of the photography on this site was captured and edited by Rachel Brown Kulp. 

Web: www.rachelbrownkulp.com 

Instagram: @rachelbrownkulp

Our friend Kelly Allison also took some lovely pictures of our menus. 

Web: www.kallisonphoto.com 

Instagram: @kallisonphoto