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Pizza Dinners

Yes people! It’s our (read: Josh’s) favorite time of year: our annual Pizza Dinners

If you’ve been following Josh down his pizza and bread making rabbit hole on social media, you’ll notice he is up’ing the pizza game big time. We’ll be dishing out two types: one thin crust and two thicker grandma-style crusts. Heaven toppings galore. Great starter courses too, to get you geared up for the pizza mouth party.

To reserve seats, please visit our Tock page:

Wednesday 12/6 - seats available
Friday 12/8 - sold out, waiting list only

Pizza Dinners Menu:

Tomato Conserva Arancini with Pesto Sauce

Chili and Honey Roasted Cauliflower with Ricotta and Mortadella 

Salad of Apples, Pecans, Chicories, and Warm Bacon Dressing

Chicago Thin Pizza:
Tomato, Fresh Chevre, Oregano 

Grandma Pizza #1:
Garlic Cream, Market Roasted Squash, Chile Flake, Magia Negra Cheese 

Grandma Pizza #2:
Candied Jalapeno Tomato Sauce, Italian Sausage, Mozzarella

Italian Cookie Plate:
Fennel and Lemon Glazed Cornmeal
Chocolate Dipped Pizzelle
Italian Wedding

Later Event: November 29
3 Floyds Dinners